2/10/05 News Update by Jon

2/10/05.  The Humboldt County Travelogue NPLU's long lost documentary now available on DVD!



Sasquatch Ain't Dead Yet, an interview with investigator Jimmy Chilcutt.
The Films of Jensen Rufe, an interview with filmmaker Jensen Rufe.

This site is currently being completely rebuilt, so updates will be few and far between over the next two months or so.  BENDER and LOVE STINK are still in post-production, and pre-production on our next project begins this summer. 

THE HUMBOLDT COUNTY TRAVELOGUE, origin of the short movie HO, is finally available on DVD, and can be purchased here

I am always collecting independent and amateur videos for public exhibition.  If you would like your movie to be screened before audiences at venues such as bars, warehouses, and independent movie theatres, contact me at jon@normalpeoplelikeyou.com.  Movies from outside the U.S. welcomed! 

Lately a lot of people have been sending us their screenplays to read, hoping, I suppose, that we might produce them.  If you want to send us screenplays, go right ahead, but keep in mind: 

1. We are probably not going to read them, unless...

2. ...you also send us $20 for whiskey to drink while we read, or...

3 ...$50 if you expect us to give you written feedback as well. 

Otherwise, don't bother.  Please. 




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