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2/10/05.  The Humboldt County Travelogue NPLU's long lost documentary now available on DVD!



Sasquatch Ain't Dead Yet, an interview with investigator Jimmy Chilcutt.
The Films of Jensen Rufe, an interview with filmmaker Jensen Rufe.

Normal People Like You Productions is a rag-tag group of persons who more or less share one common goal: to make movies by any means necessary with the eventual goal of making a living. By "making a living" we mean being able to make our movies and still pay the rent. We see no rich, affluent lifestyle down the line, we just hope that one day we will be able to make ends meet by working on projects that we consider fun and/or interesting, instead of devoting the majority of our concious existence to the omnipresent, necessary evil of wage slavery.*

At present, the "staff" of NPLU consists of Trevor Guthrie, Jon Olsen, and Doug Mitchell. These three individuals are the motivating force behind NPLU's existence. The budgets for NLPU's movies comes from their pockets. The stories they put on film come from their alcohol-fueled brain-farts. The talent employed as actors and artists for their projects comes from their circles of friends and aquaintences.

As long as they survive, Normal People Like You Productions will bang its head against the proverbial wall in its ongoing efforts to pollute the mainstream with its own ideas and interpretations** of the world we all dwell in.

*It goes without saying that, despite these reasonable expectations, none of the NPLU gang are in any way opposed to the notion of having rich, affluent lifestyles and all the "fuck you" money their hearts desire.

**No artistic mission statement is complete unless the word "interpretation" is used at least once.




Jon Olsen: (Writer/Director) Born in the UK, Jon Olsen somehow found himself growing up among the white trash of Humboldt County, California. Struggling to preserve himself from the regions endemic insanity, Olsen became addicted to film making. Until a cure is found for his condition, he will continue polluting minds with his “art”.

Trevor Guthrie: (Writer/Producer) Born and Raised in Northern California, Trevor met Jon on the set    of a B-horror movie at the age of fifteen and so started a long series of collaborations which evolved into a special blend low class humor. Trevor currently resides in San Francisco where he works as an IATSE stagehand.

Doug Mitchell: (Producer/Music Supervisor) Born and raised in Santa Rosa, California. He currently  lives and works in San Francisco as an IATSE stagehand. In his spare time he collaborates with Olsen and Guthrie, and is currently seeking therapy.


Chris Henry: (Actor and Auteur) "Throughout the years, my involvement with NPLU has always been to serve one goal: To someday be one of the hot new, up and coming actors in Hollywood,
and then have it all be ruined when Entertainment Tonight gets ahold of the scene in Ape Canyon of me getting ass-raped by someone in a cheap gorilla suit in the middle of the woods.  I just hope that I get the chance to do a line of blow out of a $1000 a night hooker's asscrack before the shit goes
down.  So, I guess I've got two goals: Do blow out of a hooker's ass, and be made a public mockery.  Big dreams, maybe, but just you wait..."




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